What About Getting Your Vintage Collectable Car Insured

Although there are a lot of car manufacturers who are trying to design and invent new features in the vehicles that would attract many car enthusiasts, the number of people who are getting interested in the old cars is rapidly increasing today. They are trying to appreciate the uniqueness and the value of the vintage cars which are truly considered as works of art.

Probably because of the sentimental reasons, owners of the vintage or classic cars get together to showcase their own collection and much-treasured possession. Most of them have this unexplainable pride and joy especially when it is time to share about the different features and engine setup of their cars.

An isolated shot of a classic red sport car

Collecting vintage cars is actually an expensive hobby. This is also considered as an investment since the rarity of these vehicles along with the cost of repairing and maintaining it is all part of the pastime. Because of this, it is also important that the vintage vehicles are covered by classic car insurance as well.
So what is the criteria before your car can be called classic or vintage? Car insurance companies use these standards in telling whether they would accept it for classic car insurance or not.

1. It must be an antique vehicle or a collector’s vehicle.
2. The vehicle must be at least 15 years old
3. Although not necessarily running like it used to, the car must be in good condition
4. It must not be the main vehicle of the owner
5. The vehicle must be kept in a private territory or in a garage
6. It must be enjoyed and driven by the owner for the sake of pleasure and appearance not because of its function as a car 

Once your car is considered as classic, the vehicle has already exceeded the average lifespan of most cars which is 10 to 15 years only. Therefore, you need extra effort to maintain the vintage car and keep it running. There are times that you would have a hard time looking for the parts since most of it is already out of date. This is one of the main reasons why insurance for a classic car is higher compared to the premiums of the typical vehicles today.

What really sets the classic car insurance apart from the other vehicle insurance that you can purchase in the market?

For one, there are several usage restrictions. One example is that drivers who are 21 years old and above are the only ones allowed to drive a classic car. The classic car must not be the primary vehicle used by the owner or the driver. Moreover, it can’t be used as a car for everyday use. Other than that, classic cars are only insured if it is driven towards a car show or other special events which require the presence of the vintage vehicle.

If you own one of these cars, you must consider getting insurance that would protect it. After all, this is also a form of your investment and an asset that you must take care of.

Protect Your Special Car!

A unique and extraordinary breed, classic cars need special protection. And that’s exactly what they get when you use the internet to obtain free car insurance quotes. If you’re looking for the right protection for that special classic car, use the internet to compare rates. We’ll connect you with insurers on our network willing to compete to provide you affordable car insurance coverage. Then invest your resources in your classic car – not your insurance premiums!