What Are The Top Auto Insurance Companies

What are the top auto insurance companies – is a question that frequently is asked. Why is that? The reason is that people shopping for car insurance for themselves want to find a good deal and save money on their policy, but they also want the assurance that the insurer will be around for them when they have an accident or otherwise may need to rely upon their coverage.

Car Insurance

For the entire United States, here is a listing of the major auto insurance companies. There are many metrics to measure the top 10, but we find that subjective comments of preferences are not one of them. This is because such comments are experiential and not necessarily indicative of the market view. It is said that money talks, so I focused this article on size metrics, such as who covers the most consumers, who has the highest number of policies, who covers the most vehicles and total value of coverage. With that in mind, our somewhat unscientific listing of the top car insurers nationally include:

State Farm
GEICO (Berkshire Hathaway)
Farmers (Zurich)
USAA (United Services Automobile Assn.)
Liberty Mutual
AmFam (American Family Insurance)

Data courtesy of Listitude.com.

For each of our state listings, we aim to provide a list of some of the top auto insurance companies for that state. This would include some with the most coverage in the state. We also have a list of auto insurance companies for the entire United States. That list does not focus on the size of the company, but rather is directed to listing all of the major car insurance companies alphabetically.

Interestingly, the top 5 have over half of the market. However, from state to state, the Top 10 or Top 5 can vary considerably. Likewise in some states there are large local companies. Also, these issuers vary widely in how they market to consumers. For example, Progressive is almost exclusively over the Internet. GEICO also has a largely direct to consumer marketing model. However, State Farm, Allstate, Farmers and Nationwide use a lot of third party sales, i.e. insurance brokers. In recent years, you can find free online auto insurance quotes from virtually all leading providers over the Internet. That is where this site comes in. You can find access to quotes directly in the search boxes around the site, and also via the advertisers you find, who tend to be focused on the subject matter here.

In asking for the top insurance companies, people sometimes have in mind the largest, but others have in mind the “best”. Some people believe that the largest usually correlates with the best, but others not. Semantics aside, we have researched the largest and most established car insurance providers and developed this list. This also is one way to help choose between insurance options. Price of course is one of the most important factors. However, a lot of people also want to make sure that the company also is one of biggest giving some assurance of past history of dependability, or reliability and also accessibility when needed. Although the biggest are not necessarily the best for everyone, there is some belief that they can provide value, reliability and perhaps a certain level of service.

As noted previously, this website does not endorse any particular vehicle insurance company, and also is not an insurance provider either, although we carry ads and comparison tools. We hope to provide a valuable resource for some consumers in finding or comparing top or major auto insurance companies and the policies and coverages they might offer in your state.