Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Are Higher Then Adult’s

To get reasonable car insurance for their teenage children is what is in a parent’s mind nowadays as their teens grow older and finally got their own driver’s license. This is due to the fact that the rates of insurance are increasing and thus, burdening parents financially…

Teens are often given higher premiums by insurers due to the fact that they are young and new in driving. Insurers are assuming that they are taking higher risks by insuring these teen drivers. As a parent, read on to find out how you can get reasonable teen car insurance.

Since teenagers are still not capable of purchasing cars for themselves, they often rely on their parents to buy for them. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing cars for your teens, buy a car that follows car safety measures imposed by the law and consider adding extra safety devices on the cars to guarantee your teens to be in lower risks of involving with unfortunate events such as accidents. You should also choose cars that fall in a lower risk category. Do not choose cars like sports cars that are susceptible to thefts and higher costs of repairing. These cars will incur higher costs of insurance and you wish to get reasonable car insurance for teenagers would not come true.

Next, constantly remind your teens about the importance of driving safely. Advise them to follow traffic rules strictly and avoid traffic offenses to minimize speeding tickets, warnings, and accidents. Usually, new drivers like teens are also being restricted by the traffic laws and they need to follow tighter rules and regulations compared to older drivers such as maintaining 0 alcohol tolerance level while driving. Stress to them that it is vital to abide by the restrictions. These will help your teens to maintain a good driving record which is viewed by insurers highly as an important factor to reward the policyholder with reasonable auto insurance.

You can also consider insuring them under your own car policy as insurers often offer discounts for policyholders with more than one car under the same plan. However, reasonable teen car insurance might be available as well if you insure your teens under their personal stand-alone policies with insurance companies that specialize in providing car insurance for teens. These policies, however, put certain limitations on the teens such as restricting them from driving at night and many more restrictions to keep their premiums low.
In addition, you can also consider getting higher deductibles. If you purchase car insurance for your teens with high deductibles and you will be rewarded with reasonable teen car insurance.

Statistically, teen drivers are at a higher risk to be involved in accidents compared to adult drivers, hence explaining the higher rates for them. However, there are things a parent can do to help reduce the premiums for their car insurance if the parent is willing to do their part of work.